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Alison Bowen is a Chicago journalist with bylines in the NYT, Tribune, NYDN and more. Her experience ranges from writing crime, health and travel stories to editing a national books section.

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Los Angeles Times

'It's just me and the horse': How mustangs help hurting veterans heal - LA Times

'It's just me and the horse': How mustangs help hur...

Los Angeles Times

'I came back. I hated myself.' How mustangs are helping vets heal

The stallion kicked out, nostrils flaring. In the ring, it faced off against a 32-year-old former infantryman....

Los Angeles Times

How to say no at a holiday party

A host offers you the signature cocktail he spent weeks perfecting. A three-layer, diet-destroying slice of cake is placed into your hands. A rented karaoke contraption looms for later....

Los Angeles Times

How to avoid Valentine's Day cooking disasters

Recreating the romance of a restaurant at home might mean a few candles, a nice bottle of wine, a carefully crafted menu....

Los Angeles Times

Fans remember loved ones in Cubs heaven on Facebook

Some people lived a lifetime without seeing the Cubs clinch a post-season series in Chicago....

Los Angeles Times

Holiday gift-giving disasters: A survival guide

Many things can conjure a Scrooge-like attitude during the holidays....

Los Angeles Times

You hate what someone's serving but don't want to be impolite

Q: You hate what your host is serving but don't want to be impolite. What should you do?...

Los Angeles Times

Is it ever a good idea to play hard to get — when you're married?

Playing hard to get — delivering, then withholding, affection and attention — has plenty of advocates and critics. But it's usually discussed in terms of couples during the courtship stage, not after they're married. The experts we talked to say playing hard to get can at times lead to growth...

Los Angeles Times

What to do when a co-worker takes all the credit

Q: You've worked on a project with a colleague. When it's presented to bosses, your co-worker takes all the credit. What to do?...

Los Angeles Times

Telling your partner you don't like sexual things he is doing

Q: How do you tell a partner you don't like the sexual things he or she is doing?...

Los Angeles Times

Social Graces: Do you tell someone you hate the book he gave you?

Q: Your father-in-law gives you a novel to read and keeps asking how you liked it. You hated it. Is honesty the best policy? Especially since you know he has a gaggle of other books by the same writer?...

Los Angeles Times

Why life after beating cancer can be the hardest stage of the disease

Stephanie Logan still remembers the moment her doctor told her she was done — done with four rounds of chemotherapy, done with seeing nurses more than friends, done with regular pokes and prods....

Los Angeles Times

One Simple Thing: What to know about 3-D mammography

Women going in for their mammograms might encounter a fairly new technology: 3-D....

Los Angeles Times

Is it OK to correct another person's misbehaving child?

Q: Is it OK to correct another person's misbehaving child in a store or restaurant?...

Los Angeles Times

Tips for couples becoming empty nesters

When her oldest daughter was leaving for college, Veronica James was too emotional to step onto the plane....