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Alison Bowen is a Chicago journalist with bylines in the NYT, Tribune, NYDN and more. Her experience ranges from writing crime, health and travel stories to editing a national books section.

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Open uri20130418 10082 1j1qye7 article

Veterans go from deployed to unemployed | Metro.us Metro.us

Abbas Malik guarded the Green Zone in Iraq, but he can’t get hired as a mall security guard in Staten Island.  

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New Adult literature: Teen reading for grown-ups – Metro

New Adult literature: Teen reading for grown-ups – ...

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100 New Yorkers bitten by rats each year | Metro.us Metro.us

See that piece of slimy trash the subway rat is chewing? You could be next.

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9/11 responders cautiously hopeful for cancer aid | Metro.us Metro.us

9/11 responders reacted with cautious hope Wednesday to news that the city might release data illuminating whether Ground Zero dust caused their cancers.

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After two murders, Councilman urges gay people to be careful ...

After two murders, a Councilman urges gay people to be careful dating.

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A proposed plan to fence off overhead dangers | Metro.us Metro.us

Danger is lurking above New Yorkers’ heads every day, one Councilman warns, and could drop in the form of a lobbed brick or tipped-over shopping cart.

Parravani author photo credit nina subin green dress final 614x617 article

Author Christa Parravani on life after losing an identical twin – Metro

Author Christa Parravani on life after losing an id...

Open uri20130423 24690 v9bye5 article

Bangladeshi man beaten in bias attack hours after Boston bombing ...

A man reports a beating hours after a terrorist attack.

Open uri20130709 30822 vahm4a article

Be your own mixologist Metro.us

Here are some easy cocktails to make at home, we promise.

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Broadway blasted for recordings | Metro.us Metro.us

Broadway seats are filled with crowds ready to soak up a live performance. But at some theaters, purely live music might not be part of the deal.

Open uri20130709 30822 1rtjuvi article

Cancer kills 9/11 volunteer months after feds approve coverage ...

Adan Gonzalez died last month of cancer his daughter said was related to volunteering at Ground Zero.

Open uri20140303 15635 33lbqm article

Celebrate DOMA by donating cocktail cash to equality at W Hotel

Toast to the Supreme Court's decision with a cocktail that supports the Human Rights Campaign....

Open uri20140303 10882 1jd9hbt article

Celebrate the new royal baby with tea time around the world

Toast the royal baby with a cup of tea while traveling....